If you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot.
Success is not about the destination, it is about the continuing and never-ending improvement of YOU.
Getting there is not the goal, constant evolution is the goal.
The finish line is the starting line.

Be it to become it

Who you be, you eventually become.
That is what the word be-come means, the coming of the being. Whomever you are choosing to be right now, you eventually become it in the future. Yet there is no future. Everything that's ever happened, is happening right now - and everything that's ever going to happen, is happening right now. There is only one moment, the golden moment of now. All that you wish to become, you already are. You have it all now, you are simply not experiencing it. It's therefore up to you to reach into the sea of infinite possibility, calling forth that which you wish to experience now. You call forth that which you wish to experience now, via three main devices - thought, word and action. All three...
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FIve seconds is all you get.

There are golden moments of opportunity throughout your day.

These golden moments provide you with a choice in life. To do what you know you should be doing, or to continue doing what you feel like doing. Most of us seek the path of least resistance. Why is it so hard to do the little things that we know would improve our lives? Simple, what's easy to do is easy not to do. Yes, but why is it equally as easy not to do though? The mind has evolved to protect us from harm. It is designed to stop us at all costs from doing anything that might hurt us. We are not designed to do things that appear uncomfortable, scary or difficult. Our brains are trying to...
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Feeling is the language of the body

If you wish to know the truth regarding training response, look to how you are feeling about it. Feeling is the language of the body. It all starts with your ability to be present in your awareness. When performing a particular exercise, you must be able to feel your muscles engaging with that movement pattern. If this cannot be achieved, review your technique, adjust the resistance used or experiment with another exercise. Establishing a 'mind-to-body' connection is absolutely imperative when working out. If you feel your joints more than you feel your muscles, you probably went too heavy or something else is distracting you. If in the targeted area you are feeling a tremendous pump however,  something conducive is definitely taking place. If your muscles feel sore from a...
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Overcoming jealousy

Everything we do in life is either driven by one of two emotions - love or fear. We are either coming from love or coming from fear. Both emotions are polar opposites, existing here in this relative world we call life. They rest at opposite sides of the spectrum, in a sea of contrasting elements.  It is only by this sea of contrasting elements that a particular element can hold value as an identifiable something. In the absence of one emotion, the other emotion cannot be. In the absence of love, fear cannot exist and in the absence of fear, love cannot exist. Love is the absence of fear and fear is the absence of love. Both are necessary in order for both to co-exist. Contrary to popular belief, envy is a love-driven...
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Replace FOMO with JOMO

Don't fall victim to FOMO, an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out. Many people set themselves up for drastic change, till it all comes crumbling down. They embark on a new lifestyle and somewhere along the way, they trip up because of FOMO.

If you have made a decision to change and then begin experiencing FOMO, you need to ask yourself this question:

"What exactly am I fearing to miss out on here?"

Look at the conventional ways of mankind and see how things really are. Many have been misguided and as a result are unhealthy, financially broke, emotionally traumatised and spiritually disconnected.

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Interviewed by Dani Watson

Recently, I was lucky enough to interview leading fat loss expert, personal trainer and motivational coach, Anthony Phass, to find out the best ways to lose body fat for good and eat the right foods to lose that weight, stay motivated, set goals and how to find the right trainer for you. Anthony is one of the most knowledgeable,  honest, to-the-point, no bull-shit trainers out there that I know! His knowledge with food is absolutely out of this world and many clients flock to him for his permanent fat-loss diets and advice. He is a successful trainer, personal training clients here in Melbourne and around the world in the most prestigious health clubs including the Chelsea Harbor Club in London,...
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It’s all in the shoulders

From Superman to He-Man, every superhero that inspired any kid growing up had one thing in common - a wide set of shoulders. These are the muscles that signify power, authority and dominance. Building perfectly rounded, coconut-shaped deltoids will separate you from the crowd beyond question. To develop the deltoids perfectly, you must learn a little bit about them. First, the fact that they are comprised of only three heads (front, side, rear) is an antiquated notion. There are actually seven in total, more appropriately described as deltoids 1-7, anterior to posterior. In order to create that 3-D look about them, all seven heads must be trained with equal consideration. The shoulder is a complex joint that is capable of executing multiple...
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Who said carbs for breakfast?

In the early 1900's, most Americans usually ate a hearty protein and fat breakfast, typically in the form of sausages and eggs or bacon and eggs. The shift came about through Will Keith Kellogg, who was a seventh-day adventist and did not practice the eating of animal products. He came up with other ways for seventh-day adventists to stay away from meat, hence introducing the very successful Kellogg's Corn Flakes in 1922.

At that time, General Kellogg was very influential in the US Government and caused a lot of people to start eating Corn Flakes and other forms of carbohydrates for breakfast. The rest of the country soon got on board with this practise, none of which was based...

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