Eat in silence

When we eat, it is best to do so in silence. Mamma Phass grew up in a convent, with this forgotten principle of etiquette acknowledged as standard procedure. Nothing was uttered or heard during meal times, except the sounds of cutlery clanking.

As unsocial as this may appear, words have the power to stir up emotions. Emotions that can play a central role in how (or if) we digest food.

Never argue or bring negativity to the table. If something is to be shared, it would be best to keep it brief, positive and up-lifting.

Most of our emotions and neurotransmitters are housed in the gut. We see or hear something traumatising and can reach a point of emesis (gagging) or vomiting. We lose all appetite during stressful moments in life, simply because our gut is responding to the emotional turmoil.

Small talk should be exactly that – small talk. We should focus on what we are doing wholeheartedly. Such a simple, yet powerful change in eating behaviour can make the world of difference to how we digest and assimilate food.

Some things are better left unsaid. This quote is true in many aspects of life, particularly when we are eating.