Feeling is the language of the body

If you wish to know the truth regarding training response, look to how you are feeling about it.

Feeling is the language of the body. It all starts with your ability to be present in your awareness.

When performing a particular exercise, you must be able to feel your muscles engaging with that movement pattern. If this cannot be achieved, review your technique, adjust the resistance used or experiment with another exercise.

Establishing a ‘mind-to-body’ connection is absolutely imperative when working out.

If you feel your joints more than you feel your muscles, you probably went too heavy or something else is distracting you.

If in the targeted area you are feeling a tremendous pump however,  something conducive is definitely taking place.

If your muscles feel sore from a prior workout, consider holding out till they have completely recovered.

If you don’t feel like weight training, take a sabbatical.

If you don’t feel like sprinting, try a relaxing walk instead.

Your body talks to you through feeling and feeling alone. Thoughts are the language of the mind and feeling is the language of the body.

When training your body, feeling is your most valuable guidance system.  Do not arbitrarily follow regimented guidelines set on by others, or by that of a weekly calendar.

Sometimes, muscles take much longer than seven days to fully recover. Who made up the biblical notion that the entire body should be trained in a given week?

If you conventionally train your back every Friday, yet your biceps are still taxed from Wednesday’s arm session, don’t hit back just because it’s time to again.

When you schedule a muscle group on a particular day, you are promising in the present that you will be the exact same person in the future.

Yet, all that matters is the person you are in every given moment of now.

You cannot guarantee that your body will be ready to take on that muscle group, therefore proceed with what feels ‘good to go’.

There’s that word again, feeling – it really is the language of your body.

Listen to it, it’s trying to tell you something.