If you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot.
Success is not about the destination, it is about the continuing and never-ending improvement of YOU.
Getting there is not the goal, constant evolution is the goal.
The finish line is the starting line.
The first pillar of success is the science of achievement.
The second pillar of success (where most people struggle with) is the art of fulfilment.
Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.
Do not sit back once you “make it” but do your best to pay it forward.
In life, things either grow and evolve or they wither away and die.
Nothing ever stays the same.
If you sit back after you’ve “made it”, your soul will die a thousand deaths. 
The two needs for the soul are evolution and contribution.

That is to give back and to continue to grow.
What’s the secret to an abundant life?
Find a way to serve the many, for in the servitude of many leads to greatness.
Pass it on once you have it. Only when it leaves your hand it has value.
Andrew Carnegie spent the first half of his life accumulating millions – he spent the second half of his life giving it all away!
When the tide in the harbour rises, all ships rise with it.
Rise yourself by helping all others rise with you.
Life is not about me, it’s about we.