My big fat Greek dilemma

Being of Greek-Cypriot heritage, I often watch beautiful Mamma Phass cooking some of the most mouth-watering cuisines, as a traditional way of celebrating certain calendar festivities every year.

We are currently celebrating the final day of the Carnival. It is known as “Cheese Fare Sunday”, where the staple foods are desserts made from creams, cheeses and syrups.

Carrying on with Greek traditions is all great and admirable as we do every year however…there is a however.

The body does not know about traditions. It does not accommodate or give lenience to any cultural cuisine, simply because it was eaten for a special reason.

In contrast, the body responds by saying:

“Meh…food is fuel and I will carry out my cause and effect relationship with it, regardless why you choose to eat it.” 

It would be ok if we were to do this once a year, however there are so many festivities Greeks celebrate every year. Not to mention birthdays, name days, weddings, christenings..the list goes on. It’s like having a licence to eat anything and everything, simply because we are celebrating a particular event.

In fact, most of us seem to have this “Cheese Fare Sunday” scenario every week of the year. We celebrate with food on DVD night, at the football, the movies, at a house warming party or for whatever reason.

Before we know it, food becomes the central point in almost every social encounter. It really shouldn’t be like that. Food is fuel, not the event.

The body’s hormonal processes will still be triggered with the very foods we eat, regardless what tradition we are trying to celebrate.