Overcoming jealousy

Everything we do in life is either driven by one of two emotions – love or fear. We are either coming from love or coming from fear.

Both emotions are polar opposites, existing here in this relative world we call life. They rest at opposite sides of the spectrum, in a sea of contrasting elements.  It is only by this sea of contrasting elements that a particular element can hold value as an identifiable something.

In the absence of one emotion, the other emotion cannot be. In the absence of love, fear cannot exist and in the absence of fear, love cannot exist. Love is the absence of fear and fear is the absence of love.

Both are necessary in order for both to co-exist.

Contrary to popular belief, envy is a love-driven emotion. When we see something in another that inspires us, we are embraced by envy.

Envy is that part of us that says: “I wish to be just like you.”

Jealousy on the other hand, is a fear-driven emotion. When we see something in another that we fear we lack, we are overwhelmed by jealousy.

Jealousy is that part of us that says: “I am better than you.”

Is there a way to overcome jealousy?

Yes, it all comes down as to which emotion you are choosing to come from:

  • Love completes, fear competes.
  • Love unites, fear disconnects.
  • Love mobilizes, fear paralyses.
  • Love creates, fear destroys.

Overcoming jealousy is about recognizing that the beautiful source that flows within you, is the exact same beautiful source that flows through another.

One can never be jealous of something beautiful that comes from the same source. A rose is not jealous of a carnation, nor is a tiger of a lion.  One is no less magnificent than the other.

Overcoming jealousy is about remembering that the magnificence of you is equal to the magnificence of another.

It is simply expressed in a different, equally beautiful form.