Overweight yet still starving

In the past, mankind ate lower quantities of food because it was scarce to find and rich in nutrition.

Nowadays, mankind eats higher quantities of food because it is abundant to find and poor in nutrition. 

There is so much more ‘food’ available today but it is far from being proper food. More appropriately, what many people are presented with today is more or less, food like products.

These food like products cause people to feel famished, incessantly overeat more of the same junk and get sicker and fatter as a result.

People are being overfed and undernourished.

They are getting the illusion of satiety with a full stomach but on a cellular level, they are starving to death…literally.

One can eat 10,000 calories per day but if those calories are not of the right source, their body will be starving on a nutritional level. It will continue sending out hunger signals (usually mistaken as cravings) that it needs to be fed.

This will continue on till the body feels it has been nourished with the proper nutrition.

As a side note by the way, it’s nearly impossible to eat 10,000 calories of the right food. Try eating that in broccoli.

Yes the body needs to be fed because it’s hungry, it’s just hungry for the right stuff.

“No more empty empty calories, no more junk food. I need proper nutrition, I need nourishment!” the body desperately, yet quietly exclaims.

Man-made foods continue to trick the body into believing that it has been fed, when it really hasn’t. The lack of nutrition found in man-made foods cause cells to become malnourished, triggering a cascade of  hunger signals.

This cascade of events creates nutritional slaves to the system, causing people to be stuck in a vicious cycle.

Here’s how it unfolds:

1. We get cravings to eat junk food

2.  These cravings have been more than likely triggered by a prior junk food encounter.

(Truth bomb – the body stops sending out food cravings when it has what it needs.)

3. We fulfil these junk food cravings but eating more of what? Junk food!

4. We come to realise that this nutritional void is unquenchable but it’s too late, the damage is done. We gain excess fat, inflame our hormone receptors, deprive our cells of nourishment and those cravings slowly start to manifest themselves again in the near future – only this time much stronger!

5. The vicious cycle repeats itself.

Millions of people on the planet are overweight yet still starving. They are starving of proper nutrition (or hydration) and their body is sending them this signal, yet it’s been mistaken as a food craving.

All it truthfully craves is the right stuff, so feed it the right stuff.

Your body treats in direct proportion to how you treat it.