Replace FOMO with JOMO

Don’t fall victim to FOMO, an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out. Many people set themselves up for drastic change, till it all comes crumbling down. They embark on a new lifestyle and somewhere along the way, they trip up because of FOMO.

If you have made a decision to change and then begin experiencing FOMO, you need to ask yourself this question:

“What exactly am I fearing to miss out on here?”

Look at the conventional ways of mankind and see how things really are. Many have been misguided and as a result are unhealthy, financially broke, emotionally traumatised and spiritually disconnected.

Are you really fearful in missing out on all that?

Settling for mediocre only makes us mediocre. Going against the grain to the modern ways of living does not mean we are missing out on anything – except for turning out like the rest.

Nothing good ever came easy.

Whether that meant having a healthy body, building a successful business, maintaining loving relationships or establishing a deep spiritual connection – none of that was meant to be easy.

The promise was it would be worth it, never easy.

Turn the Fear Of Missing Out into the Joy Of Missing Out. The joy of knowing that you have decided to embark on your own journey, in spite what the rest of the world thinks or does.

The world has been labelled as sheep and if you follow the herd, you end up stepping into lots of pooh. Do what they do and you will eventually have what they’ve got – period.

Replace your FOMO with JOMO and hold onto that ever so tightly. Restore trust in yourself, listen to your feelings and learn from your prior experiences.

Saying no to mediocrity means yes to your own destiny.

This is your journey and no one else’s.