Saying yes to your potential

The Law Of Cause And Effect states that nothing happens by chance. The decisions and actions we make on a daily basis, carry out their own reactions and consequences.

Whatever you reap, you shall sow,” as The Bible says. It is an indisputable Universal Law and one that cannot be broken.

We always have a choice in life. There are hidden opportunities to create (or destroy) everywhere we look.

We can either:

  • Have green tea or chocolate at the movies
  • Go to bed early or stay up late
  • Drink water or alcohol
  • Have dessert or a piece of fruit
  • Rise early or sleep in
  • Go to the gym or the pub
  • Get spoilt with a massage or with junk food

Understanding and acknowledging the power of this law in advance, allows us the opportunity to create our own reality in advance. We can create on purpose or by default. There is only one challenge we face with the law of cause and effect and that is to actually apply it.

We know it, yet we do not do it.

We know that green tea is healthier than chocolate. We know that water is healthier than alcohol. We know that lean bodies are made in the gym not the pub.

We know it, yet we do not do it. Why?

F.O.M.O – Fear Of Missing Out

We have a fear of missing out on what the majority around us are doing. What we fail to realise however is that today’s majority are not all that healthy to begin with. Just go to your local swimming pool and take a look at some of the bodies that are on display.

Doing mediocre things result in mediocre experiences. If we follow the herd (through fear of missing out), we only end up stepping in lots of poop.

To be a part of the minority, there should be no fear in missing out on what the majority are doing. The best way to overcome F.O.M.O,  is to begin embracing J.O.M.O – Joy Of Missing Out

We change the fear of missing out into the joy of missing out. Not doing what the majority are doing, results in not having what the majority are having. The joy of missing out allows us the opportunity to experience what the majority cannot experience.

The greatest fear to mankind is the fear of not experiencing true human potential. Nothing is more unfulfilling than this experience. To know on a deeper level that we can be more, do more and have more – yet fail to manifest it, is the greatest fear there is.

And all it takes is a two-lettered word – NO.

Whatever we say no to, does not go unheeded. The act of saying “no” is a decision in itself. The law of cause and effect is still going to work, giving us the visible effects of all our deeds, including the ones we say no to. When we say no to a particular experience, we have said yes to another.

Disapproval of one thing announces approval of another.

Saying no to alcohol announces yes to a leaner midsection. Saying no to chocolate announces yes to cellulite-free legs. Saying no to a late night announces yes to a day of abundant energy.

Ultimately, what we are doing here is saying no to all things that get in the way of experiencing our true human potential.

And there is no greater feeling than saying yes to that.